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Bookings: 403-948-2887 (M-F 8 am- 3 pm)

Long-distance? Try our toll-free number: 1-877-389-2887


Passenger Registration

If you are new to our service or if you have been contacted as part of our effort to update our passenger list, you can download our registration form here: Form

Complete the form and return it to:

Rocky View Regional Handibus

Box 10203  Airdrie AB T4A 0H5


Fax: 403-948-2802

Or give form to your driver

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2016 Annual Reports

Our annual Report to Stakeholders. 2016 Report

Our Financial Statements 2016 Statements

Fund Raising Projects:

"Spare Some Change for the Bus?"

We need some big dollars for buses. We also need to raise some smaller amounts to keep our buses on the road. We have a goal of $10,000 to be raised from the general public.

$500 will help us take a multi- handicapped child to week of summer camp where he won't be excluded because of his wheelchair. $100 will help us take someone to dialysis for a week. $50 will help us take a senior to cataract surgery. $25 helps us take a fellow with complete vision loss to the grocery store and bank once a week. $10 helps us take someone to the local foodbank to pick up their hamper.

Could you spare some change for the bus?

Donate via

Donate via ATBCARES

(receipts for online donations are emailed immediately)

We also can take a cheque via Canada Post:

Rocky View Regional Handibus

Box 10203  Airdrie AB T4A 0H5

(Note: receipts for snail mail donations over $15 dollars are mailed at month-end)

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