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Within 30 minutes of initally sending this questionaire out, we got our first response. For purposes of transparency and openess, ongoing responses, will go here: rocky view bus Blog 


Leadership 2011

It is an exciting time in Alberta. Six people are vying for the leadership of the Progressive Conservative Party of Alberta. The Alberta Liberal Party is also going through a leadership campaign.

With all this campaigning, we thought it would be an opportune time to see if candidates have solutions for the groups across Alberta that provide community transportation and transit. We have prepared a backgrounder and four simple questions for candidates to contemplate.

Policy creation is not limited to the leadership candidates. We are also circulating our questions to the New Democratic Party of Alberta, the Wildrose Party of Alberta and the fledgling Alberta party.

Results will be posted here. We hope that all candidates will be able to give this issue some thought as it affects some 100 communities across Alberta/

To start the project, we will ask for a quick response from the PC party, who vote on a new leader Sept 17, 2011. We hope to have the first round of responses back by Sept 7, 2011.


Questions To Alberta Political Leadership Candidates

During the political leadership campaigns of 2011, we would like to survey candidates on their understanding on special needs transportation in Alberta. Please answer the brief questions below. All responses will be posted in their entirety on our website. Some responses may be highlighted in press releases. Return your answer by Sept 7, 2011.

1) Candidate Name and campaign contact info (phone/email):


2) Care in the community and ageing in place are critical strategies for the Alberta government. What measures or programs do you think will be necessary for "Ageing in Place" to be any different from "Stuck at home without options to access local resources?"

3) Who should be responsible for special needs transportation being available to residents of smaller Alberta communities?

4) Do you have any other comments regarding rural and urban special needs transportation?

5) Bonus: How much does the Government of Alberta currently allocate for special needs transportation?

A simple email response will suffice but we also have the questions in a downloadable and fillable PDF. We also have a one page backgrounder for folks new to these issues.


Questions For Candidates (fillable pdf form)

Backgrounder for Candidates (pdf)

Return responses to:


BOOKINGS 403-948-2887

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