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Leadership 2011

Rocky View Regional Handibus Society is undertaking a non-partisan survey of the Alberta Leadership candidates. Details here: leadership 2011

Ongoing responses ( for purposes of transparency and openess), will go here rocky view bus Blog

September 2010

Cochrane Service

It is still a few weeks away from completion but Rocky View Regional Handibus Society is now overseeing service in Cochrane. Our colleagues at Big Hill Senior citizen's Activity Society (BHSCAS) are wanting to retire and have asked us to carry the ball for them. We are in the process of transferring their buses and drivers over to our organization but things are going smoothly.

BHSCAS is leaving us some really big shoes to fill but we are encouraged by the help we have received from them and the Town of Cochrane. We'll have some more details in October.

June 2010

Thank-you Mr. & Mrs. Teske

Dick and Phyllis Teske posing by #10

Here is our press release:

Citizen’s big heart pays off big time

Thanks to the generosity of local retired auctioneer, Dick Teske, seniors and children with special needs like Amy Drysdale have better access to services only available in Calgary such as medical specialists.

General Manager of Rocky View Handibus, Paul Siller knows about turning families away. “It’s not pleasant – more families are asking for transportation help but we have limited resources.” So when Siller got a call in the fall of 2008 from Teske telling him he wanted to donate a bus, he was ecstatic, “All I could say is oh wow, oh wow, oh wow,” says Siller. Winding up Teske Auctioneering Ltd after 40 years, Mr. and Mrs. Teske wanted to give back to the community that supported their family business.

Getting a new bus on the road normally takes about 100 days. However, numerous obstacles including the 2009 shut-down of the auto industry turned that 100 days into 18 months. “It’s a relief to get this new bus finally on the road especially as one of our oldest buses just failed a vehicle inspection,” said Siller.

Teske’s donation also allowed Siller to access matching funds including a $75-thousand dollar grant from the Community Initiatives Program which will help with operational funding over a two year period.

“We really appreciate Mr. and Mrs. Teske’s support, we can’t do this all on own.”

-- 30---

We got coverage in Chestermere Anchor and in the Rocky View Weekly.

(it is always a good day when we can get a new bus on the road)

May 2010


We have been a little slow getting these documents onto the website, but here is our summary of last year:

2009 Report To Stakeholders

2009 Audited Financial Statements

Summer 2009

Iain Makes It Official!

In September of 2008, we took delivery of a brand new bus. Due to a bunch of strange circumstances, we never had a chance to take an official possession of the keys. In late June, Iain and his family inspected their contribution. Although Iain lives in Chestermere, his bus has been working in the North Rocky View region, taking schools kids and seniors. By taking about 40% of our trips, Iain's bus frees up other vehicles that we've redeployed to the Chestermere region.

Here is Iain (supported by his dad) handing the keys to Handibus board member Jo Ann Miller.

Thanks Iain

March 2009

Annual Reports

We had our AGM and with the Board's approval, we can present these reports to the public. Many thanks to all the folks who helped get us through yet another year.

2008 financial Statements

2008 Report To Membership

Feb 5, 2009





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